Reporting Process

There are several MIPS/APM reporting mechanisms, and different criteria apply to the various reporting choices. One method may be more successful than another depending on the unique characteristics of the reporting entity or individual.

HealthEC is a Qualified Clinical Data Registry

HealthEC is a CMS-approved Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR), which collects clinical data from an individual MIPS-eligible clinician, group, or virtual group and submits it to CMS on their behalf. As a QCDR, HealthEC performs the following functions related to submitting data:

  1. Indicates the data source, performance period dates and categories of inclusion such as advancing care information measures and improvement activities
  2. Submits data for all performance categories including at least six quality measures, reporting rates by TIN/NPI, risk adjusted results for risk-adjusted measures and sampling methodology; also submits feedback to eligible providers
  3. Reports the numerators, denominators and exclusions
  4. Verifies and maintains eligible clinician information including demographics, HIPAA compliant business associate agreements, signed authorizations and attestations
  5. Complies with the secure data submission methods and all CMS requests to review data

A Quick and Easy Submission Process

HealthEC will help ensure your MIPS success with four easy steps:

  1. The provider uploads or otherwise grants HealthEC access to raw data from relevant patient documents (i.e. 837 billing summary files, Meaningful Use reports from their EMR, and CCDAs)
  2. In 2-3 weeks, HealthEC provides one of the following recommendations for the practice's best-performing measures: avoid penalty, submit for likely bonus, or submit for full bonus potential
  3. HealthEC collaborates with practice leaders via one-time or year-round consulting to develop and execute a process improvement plan to correct outlying measures
  4. HealthEC submits all measure data on behalf of the practice via the HealthEC QCDR

A Long History of Compliance Reporting Success

HealthEC has built its QCDR services based upon its previous success as a CMS qualified registry for the Physician Performance Reporting System (PQRS), a healthcare quality improvement incentive program that was consolidated into MACRA in 2017.