Why Should I Care?

In addition to the implications of MIPS/APM performance for Medicare reimbursement rates, providers should also be aware of the public relations impact.

Physician Compare provides public access to performance scores, which currently includes PQRS measures. In the fall of 2018, your 2017 MIPS/APM performance will populate this site. Star ratings relay how well each provider performed, which drives consumer-based care decisions.

In 2018, Physician Compare will make these files downloadable, so that sites such as Angie’s List and Yelp can perpetuate the ratings within their tools as well. A provider’s public image and reputation are at stake based on performance.

Finally, providers should understand that their scores will follow them if they change practices or organizations. Providers thinking about a change, as well as practices undergoing recruitment activities, will likely consider MIPS/APM performance a key decision making criteria.

Sample from Physician Compare:

*Sample data from Physician Compare web site.