Selecting the Right Vendor for CMS’s Chronic Care Management Program

From improving patient communication and self-management skills to boosting preventive services, CMS’s Chronic Care Management Program has proven to be a tremendously successful platform for providers. In many instances, however, the clinical and financial benefits have not been fully realized.

Unfortunately, the rapid growth of the CCM marketplace has spawned a number of industry participants that simply lack the qualifications to operate in the space. Some vendors get by without the deep infrastructure required to support several providers, expertise in health care administration, or financial stability.

The result?

Providers are getting shortchanged.

There are, of course, several strong and ethical health care IT companies providing superior services for providers participating in the CCM program.

Among these firms is HealthEC.

With twenty years of health care IT and population health management expertise, our CCM platform – a complete turnkey solution – is unparalleled in the industry. We provide CCM services to a diverse portfolio of clients, including solo practitioners, group practices, independent physician associations, accountable care organizations, hospital systems and Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Our key service differentiators include:

  • Capturing all relevant patient clinical data from clients’ EMR and claims data to qualify the number of Medicare beneficiaries eligible for CCM, identify quality measures that patients are not in compliant with, and automatically generate care plans that are forwarded to physicians for approval.
  • Unique strategies for initial patient outreach, including a customized, automated program that ensures all outgoing calls to patients reflect the name of the physician/practice, as well as training providers and staff to optimize patient engagement and enrollment.
  • The localization of care coordinators within the client’s office, or in the same city. This provides clients greater supervision, a more cohesive team structure, and continuity of care communication with patients through occasional face-to-face introductions and subsequent interactions.
  • A monthly report which documents all activities completed on behalf of the patient, uploaded to the patient’s chart within the client’s EMR by assigned care coordinators. The admin access to the client also allows the client to run billing summary reports, assess quality metrics compliance, and monitor productivity of assigned care coordinators on demand.

As more and more providers recognize the advantages of incorporating CCM into their practices, the program is experiencing accelerated growth. With that, providers should be mindful of the competitive landscape and seek out health care IT firms that can help them fully optimize CCM.

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