Data Analytics

Executive Insight for Healthcare Leaders

With an enterprise-wide view of patient and operational data, executive leadership gain the insight needed to drive performance improvement initiatives.

Prioritized Data for Providers

HealthEC helps physician teams transform clinical and operational analytics into informed action to streamline care coordination and achieve better outcomes.

HealthEC’s data analytics empowers providers and leaders to drive high quality care:
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Flexible drill-down capabilities – to facility, physician, patient and payer
  • Identification of patterns and care intervention guidance
  • Risk stratification models that incorporate the Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups (ACG) tool
  • Cost and utilization metrics
  • And much more!

Executive Insight for Healthcare Leaders


HealthEC’s analytics solution helps healthcare executives derive actionable insight from data patterns and trends to optimize strategies, and improvement projects and plans.

Key Performance Indicators

By tracking and trending custom KPIs, leadership teams can benchmark performance across physicians, practices, organizations and service providers, identify strengths and weakness in the care delivery process, and inform shared savings attributions.

Risk Stratification

With population-wide data insights, healthcare teams can stratify patients to identify high-cost, high-risk patients that warrant targeted, preventative care plans to help drive better outcomes.

Contract Monitoring

Through analytics, healthcare leadership teams are equipped to evaluate contract performance against all measures and requirements and, armed with a clear understanding of patient risk stratification, quality performance and cost analytics, confidently engage in payer/provider discussions.

Utilization Optimization

Organization-wide insight into utilization trends allows leadership teams to identify high-impact opportunities and gaps in the care cycle that might benefit from resource reallocation.

From building your population health management strategy to monitoring progress, analytics are paramount to succeeding under value-based care. HealthEC can help your organization achieve data-driven success in the years to come.

Prioritized Data for Providers


In the push to drive better outcomes through analytics, knowing is half the battle. HealthEC’s analytics solutions empower physicians with focused, actionable patient insight that doesn’t overwhelm them.

Patient Population Insights

HealthEC’s predictive analytics help physicians anticipate care needs and intervene with preventive activities, driving better outcomes and reducing the risk of costly, catastrophic events. Intuitive dashboards offer quick, patient-specific prompts to simplify care management and drive patient throughput.

Personal Performance Measures

HealthEC’s analytics solution also provides physicians with self-assessment tools to benchmark personal performance against peers in your network and against personal past performance. Physicians can track quality performance metrics over time to aid in meeting quality reporting requirements.


One of the most important roles that analytics plays is empowering physicians with patient-specific insights to drive smarter care. Data-driven dashboards inform physician workflows to streamline preventive care programs, while reducing the cognitive burden on our doctors and nurses.

Mark Whitman, M.D., CEO of Allegiance Health Group

Daily, prioritized provider workflows:
  • Missing patient consults
  • High-risk patient interventions
  • Quality measures, performance reports
  • Mobile alerts on patient episodes



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