Patient Engagement & Empowerment

If an organization wishes to grow and be successful in a competitive marketplace, patients need more information, access, and accountability. By better engaging patients in their care beyond the walls of institutionalized medicine, providers have a powerful ally in effecting better outcomes. HealthEC understands the value of patient involvement and offers you engagement tools that bridge the gap between patients and their care through simplified technology.

Consistent patient engagement results in greater control over health monitoring and management. Build awareness by directly engaging patients in their health goals to drive better results and lower costs, thus benefiting both the patient and the healthcare ecosystem.

Make your patients a partner in improving care outcomes.

HealthEC’s mobile and web portal applications engage and empower patients with:
  • Access to clinical data
  • Health record sharing with designated care teams
  • Secure patient/provider messaging
  • Medication and appointment alerts and reminders
  • Online assessments to help manage outcomes
  • Integration with wellness and telehealth monitoring devices
  • Educational resources
  • And more!

Care Coordination

Busy Care Coordinators are looking for solutions that help them manage care for the top 5% of their patient population that has a 4-5x risk of negative health consequences and accounts for 50% of the practice’s total expenditure.
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