Population Health Management Suite

As more providers transition from fee-for-service to value-based care, organizations are taking a closer look at solutions that support population health management (PHM). HealthEC is leading the PHM charge, offering a comprehensive healthcare platform that allows organizations to make more informed decisions, improve patient care and reduce unnecessary costs.

Industry Praise for HealthEC’s Solution Suite

HealthEC earned the highest overall satisfaction rating, with a 94.2* overall performance score, in KLAS Research’s Population Health Management 2017 Report. Additionally, HealthEC maintained its standing as one of the most broadly deployed and deeply adopted population health management vendors in the healthcare marketplace today.

*Limited data set

Producing Measurable Results

HealthEC helps providers realize remarkable year-over-year improvements in efficiency, quality of care, costs, and quality of life for the patient communities they serve. More precise identification and closure of care gaps, improved forecasting and impact analysis help organizations manage patients across the care continuum.

ACOs, IPAs, CINs and health systems meet care goals, avoid penalties, maximize quality payment program incentives, and realize a quantifiable return on investment through overhead reduction, high-risk patient care intervention and ongoing operational insight.

HealthEC proudly serves its 17 successful ACO partners:

  • Last year, organizations using HealthEC realized a $53 million impact
  • Reduced PMPY costs by over $500
  • 20 million lives on the system
  • Identified 123,000 patients at high-risk and requiring care coordination
  • 12,000 providers
  • 750 million transactions
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Delivering an Advanced and Comprehensive Solution Suite

HealthEC’s comprehensive solution suite integrates all electronic patient data (any system, any setting of care, and in any format) and applies sophisticated analytics to identify provider-specific patterns and guide patient care interventions. The platform helps customers coordinate care and maximize incentive payments by identifying and managing high-risk and chronically-ill patients, and addressing gaps in care. Sophisticated care models simplify clinical workflow, engage patients in their care, and optimize performance to support quality measure reporting. The suite is made up of the following modules:

Meeting the Needs of All Users with a Single, Integrated Solution

With organizations calling for single, centralized platforms to help coordinate value-based care across the enterprise, HealthEC’s population health management solution meets the needs of all users - physicians, nurses, dietitians, social workers, behavioral health experts, patients, analysts and executives alike.

By encouraging provider engagement with user-friendly tools that consolidate and summarize patient care priorities into actionable work lists, identify gaps in care, and simplify action at the point of care, organizations see better patient outcomes and improved costs.

Advisory Services

  • Popular risk management
  • Care management models
  • ACO and private contract negotiations
  • Payer/provider contract negotiations

Executive Insight

  • Customized KPIs
  • Contract Monitoring
  • Risk Statification
  • Utilization Optimization

Prioritized Data for Providers

  • Daily, prioritized patient care needs
    • Missing Consults
    • High risk patient interventions
  • Quality measures, performance reports (MIPS & MACRA)
  • Mobile Alerts
  • Annual Wellness Visit

Care Coordiantion Tools

  • Patient assessments
  • Case management protocols
  • Chronic care management
  • Outreach campaigns
  • Prompted engagement with high
    risk patients

Effective Patient Engagement
and Empowerment

  • Secure Messaging
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Result / data graphs
  • Education

Generating Value Through Consulting Expertise

As a trailblazer of population health management, HealthEC’s deep expertise in value-based care ensures the achievement of goals related to care coordination, practice transformation, contract negotiations, developing strategic partnerships, and a variety of other initiatives. Subject matter experts deliver advisory services that help healthcare leaders drive process change, align teams, engage providers, standardize care models, and define success metrics and measurements.

Confident in our ability to deliver results, HealthEC will assume risk in exchange for an interest in savings, based on performance. HealthEC has produced measurable clinical and financial results to ACOs/CINs/IPAs across the nation, as well as commercial, Medicare and Medicaid payers.

Organizations are choosing HealthEC for their value-based care initiatives to achieve results:
  • Decrease average annual per-patient costs by up to $700
  • Reduce total inpatient costs by 6-7% annually
  • Reduce 30-day readmissions by 10%
  • Reduce ER visits by 8%, and ER visits leading to hospitalizations by 12-16% year over year
  • Reduce Skilled Nursing Facility costs by 33% per assigned beneficiary

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