Population Health Management Suite

As more providers transition from fee-for-service to value-based care, organizations are taking a closer look at solutions that support population health management (PHM). HealthEC is leading the PHM charge, offering a comprehensive healthcare platform that allows organizations to make more informed decisions, improve patient care and reduce unnecessary costs.

An Intuitive and Comprehensive Solution

The HealthEC Population Health Management platform is built upon three industry-leading capabilities: data integration, analytics, and care coordination. By providing centralized access to consistent and reliable data from disparate sources and formats, our PHM platform can inform strategic plans that improve patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.

HealthEC has the proven expertise to create a comprehensive enterprise data warehouse (eDW) and enterprise master person index (eMPI) that combines clinical and claims data, establishing a complete longitudinal record for each patient.

Once the data is centralized and normalized, cutting-edge analytics are used to:

  • Risk stratify the patient population
  • Improve care coordination across all providers and affiliates
  • Identify gaps in care based upon best practices and quality standards
  • Evaluate the patient’s entire electronic medical profile
  • Support transitions in care

The platform then facilitates measurable clinical and financial results through the implementation of HealthEC’s Care Manager Module, which simplifies clinical workflow, engages beneficiaries, and optimizes quality and performance outcomes.

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Supporting Team-based Goals with a Single Solution

With organizations calling for single, centralized platforms to help coordinate value-based care across the enterprise, HealthEC’s population health management solution meets the needs of the dynamic healthcare team: physicians, nurses, dietitians, social workers, behavioral health experts, patients, analysts and executives alike.

Additional services derived from the platform include:

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Producing Measurable Results

HealthEC helps providers realize year-over-year improvements in efficiency, quality of care, costs, and quality of life for the patient communities they serve. By precisely identifying and closing care gaps, and improving forecasting and impact analysis, organizations like yours can more effectively manage patients and improve outcomes.

Our clients include ACOs, IPAs, CINs and health systems who seek to meet care goals, avoid penalties, maximize quality payment program incentives, and realize a quantifiable return on their investment through overhead reduction, high-risk patient care intervention and ongoing operational insight.

HealthEC is proud of the outcomes we have helped achieve for our partners:

  • In 2017, realized a total impact of $53 million
  • Reduced PMPY costs by over $500
  • Identified 123,000 high-risk patients requiring care coordination
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Industry Praise for our Population Health Management Suite

HealthEC earned the highest overall satisfaction rating, with a 94.2* overall performance score, in KLAS Research’s Population Health Management 2017 Report. Additionally, HealthEC maintained its standing as one of the most broadly deployed and deeply adopted population health management vendors in the healthcare marketplace today. To learn more, download our
KLAS Fact Sheet.

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*Limited data set