Chasing Stars: HealthEC’s Sita Kapoor Inspires Women in Healthcare IT

Chasing Stars: HealthEC’s Sita Kapoor Inspires Women in Healthcare IT

This month we celebrated International Women’s Day, a time set aside to honor immense and varied contributions of women made over the course of history and in contemporary society. HealthEC is proud of its female leaders in our organization who have gone above and beyond to drive healthcare and population health management (PHM) since its inception in 1997.

Sita Kapoor, Chief Information Officer at HealthEC, winner of the 2021 CIO 100 Award, the 2021 Indian Achievement Award in Business Leadership, and 2019 winner of Health Data Management’s Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT, has played a tremendous role in leading the charge for PHM solutions and healthcare data analytics within our organization as well as the greater world of health IT.

Thanks to Sita’s leadership and the work of her research and development team at HealthEC develops and applies AI, mathematical algorithms, and computing models in the custom development of large-scale data integration and analytics solutions to identify and engage at-risk patients.

ACOs, CINs, VBCs, State Medicaid Programs, Health systems and physician groups have come to rely on the granularity of analysis that Sita and her team provide to track and report clinical performance. Improvements in clinical performance and quality help these provider organizations to achieve the quadruple aim, secure reimbursements and financial incentives under new value and risk-based payment models.

Sharing her ideas, she mentioned that she is enthralled “To work in such an innovative industry, advance healthcare data analytics, and be a part of such a dynamic group of industry-leading women is very special to me,” she further added that “Data scientists, especially women, are responsible for addressing many challenges as well as identifying how patterns shift when certain data elements are added to, or removed from, data models. Healthcare’s new data models must incorporate such disparate information as social determinants of health and all types of lab results, including COVID-19 testing. It’s this data that paints a complete picture of a person’s health and well-being to ensure they receive the care they need.”

As Sita continues to explore these healthcare data sets and analytical models, she encourages female innovators to do the same. “Never stop reading and learning. Open your mind to new teachings and ways of exploring a concept or idea. At the pace we [female innovators] are going, we are likely to transform the healthcare landscape and delivery of care before the next spacecraft lands on Mars.”

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