More Impact

Do more with your data. The HealthEC Population Health Management (PHM) Platform empowers you to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and navigate today’s value-based landscape.

The HealthEC PHM Platform unites your data and reveals what’s possible. This cloud-based and web-enabled solution harnesses machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive your health organization forward.
Harness the Power of Data

Capture virtually all available clinically and financially relevant healthcare data and maintain it in a single-source-of-truth data repository.

Implement Actionable Insights

Utilize data to positively impact compliance and patient outcomes, optimize care strategies, improve performance and more.

Leverage Machine Learning (ML) and AI Capabilities

Stratify risk, identify care gaps, generate sophisticated and interactive dashboards, eliminate workflow disruption, and power predictive models.

As more healthcare organizations transition to value-based care strategies, safe, secure, and sophisticated data analytics are more important than ever. The HealthEC PHM Platform is your safe, secure, and private solution, offering fast, focused, flexible, and forward-thinking population health analytics
Data Aggregation & Management

HealthEC’s Data Aggregation & Management module efficiently integrates diverse healthcare data sources, ensuring a comprehensive patient-centric view, streamlined decision support, care coordination, and compliance reporting capabilities.

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics solution harnesses the power of data through advanced predictive models. Giving you the power to identify health trends, optimize resource allocation, and enhance care coordination—at the speed of healthcare.

Care Management

The Care Management module ensures patients receive timely interventions, follow-up care, and support services across the healthcare continuum. Through data-driven decision-making, everyone in your population can experience true, whole-person care.

Quality Management

Quality Management facilitates transparent management and reporting, showcasing your commitment to improvement and patient-centered care. Our streamlined data integration processes enable you to monitor, compare, and improve care quality while supporting value-based initiatives.

Together we can tailor the HealthEC PHM Platform to meet your specific needs and turn your unique data into improved outcomes and performance.