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Leverage your data to the meet the needs – and exceed the expectations – of patients, stakeholders, and the broader community.

The foundation of our PHM platform is the Data Aggregation & Management module. Proprietary algorithms and our Enterprise Master Patient Index turn your data into a complete patient-centric, chronological view of claim, clinical, and lab history for each member.

Clearly Identify the Right Set of Data for the Right Purposes

With its unmatched ability connect structured and unstructured electronic patient healthcare information, this module will aggregate, cleanse, normalize, map, validate, and consolidate your combined data, providing:

  • A complete patient-centric, chronological view of claims
  • Clinical, and lab history for each beneficiary
  • Streamlined access to actionable decision support
  • Point-of-service care coordination
  • Analytics
  • Program administration information
  • Work with our experienced data managers
  • Identify data integration and transmission requirements
  • Collaborate directly with external vendors
  • Track every event happening in the system continuously
  • Alert our analysts to inbound data errors, format mismatches, and validation problems
  • Data issues are resolved before they impact reporting and care coordination
  • A Wide Variety of Systems
  • Virtually Any Care Setting
  • A Wide Array of Formats
    • EDI 837, CCDs, CCDA data, MMISs, MDM, CCLF files, proprietary formats, flat files, SQL statements, APIs, ORM and ORU message types, HL7 and FHIR messaging, ORC), VXU, RXA, RDE, and more

This module collects data in real time or batch mode (scheduled or ad hoc) for incorporation into our platform via established interoperability protocols, interfaces, and secure connectivity, including FHIR, and supports integration with hundreds of systems across the healthcare ecosystem. The solution includes over 400 prebuilt extensions — including 200+ parsers for EMR/EHRs — to facilitate data ingestion and aggregation.

Are you gathering all your data? Can it be analyzed effectively? Trust our experienced data managers to work with you to identify your data integration and transmission requirements, and collaborate directly with external vendors to achieve a seamless workflow.