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Provide transparent quality management and reporting, showing your commitment to quality improvement and patient-centered care.

Our Quality Management module enables you to monitor, manage, and improve quality across your organization. Equipped with performance data and outcomes measured against industry standards, you can build trust among patients, providers, health organizations, payers, regulators, accrediting bodies, and other stakeholders.

A Robust Library of Built-in Quality Measures
  • Monitor and compare performance against benchmarking
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Support value-based care initiatives
  • Improve the quality of care and health outcomes for the population served
Aligned with Industry Standards
  • Fulfill a variety of reporting requirements, including those for HEDIS, CMS Core, AHRQ, and MIPS
  • Add clinical data from EHR/EMR, HIE, PBM, pharmacy, or hospital systems, or from our care management module
  • Data integration process supplies the information from which quality measures are calculated and reports are generated
Measure and Manage a Wide Range of Quality Metrics
  • Choose to implement measures that fulfill a variety of reporting requirements
  • Most NQF-numbered measures are prebuilt into our solution
  • Track performance for your entire organization and by practice, site, and provider for both claims and clinical measures

Health Equity Insights

Quality measures are increasingly being used to identify and address health disparities, particularly for underserved and marginalized populations. Using HealthEC’s demographic quality dashboards, quality measures can be compared across different practices to identify disparities in care delivery or outcomes.

As with all of our modules, the Quality Management module is designed to make it simple for you to move at the speed of healthcare. You can expect:

  • Quality results in near-real time
  • Intuitive, interactive quality dashboards
  • Automated gap closures
Learn how you can more effectively care for your population based on comprehensive data. Schedule a demo to learn how HealthEC uses your data to reveal evidence-based care gaps and opportunities to coordinate care across the healthcare continuum.