Data Analytics

Move your organization forward at the speed of healthcare with timely and actionable reports and insights.

By using advanced analytics techniques such as predictive modeling, machine learning, and natural language processing, our Data Analytics module extracts valuable insights to inform decision-making processes.

Our Data Analytics Module Allows Your Organization to:

  • Identify health trends, patterns, and disparities to target interventions accordingly
  • Apply predictive risk stratification to prioritize resources for those who would benefit most from proactive management and preventive care
  • Optimize resource allocation to address gaps in care, reduce disparities, and improve overall health outcomes
  • Evaluate intervention effectiveness to enable continuous improvement and refinement of strategies
  • Support population health planning to address population health challenges effectively
  • Enhance care coordination and continuity to ensure seamless transitions between providers, leading to improved outcomes and satisfaction

Monitor Metrics and Trends

Our intuitive interactive dashboards and visualizations empower your organization with the right data at the right time. Here are just a few of metrics you can monitor:

  • Performance- Customizable performance indicators, contract performance, and cost compared to selected benchmarking
  • Risk- High-risk members, cost predictions, resource utilization band distribution, risk adjustment factor analysis/HCC analysis
  • Provider metrics- Panel size, member counts by Dx, LANE ER visits, admits by diagnosis, 30-day readmissions, average paid by ER, admits/readmits, etc.
  • Enrollment- Patient lists, high-priority patients, enrollment and attribution, etc.
  • Pharmacy- Generic utilization, adherence, drugs by cost, available with receipt of pharmacy claim data
  • Finance- Cost summary, high-cost members, DxG by claim count, paid amount, total cost, financial activity by quarter, etc.)
  • Facility utilization- Inpatient and post-acute care rates, trends, average length of stay, etc.)
  • Network usage- Specialty utilization, provider-driven in-vs.-out-of-network analyses, lab utilization, summaries
  • ER and urgent care- Visits, high utilizers, trends, nonemergent rate, ER utilization analysis, etc. by practice and provider
  • Providers- Monthly member panel, imaging costs, readmits, E&M coding distribution, controlled substances utilization
Import Data

Import downloaded data into any application of your choice for further analysis.


Connect to our Data Lake to take advantage of data that has already been cleansed, normalized, and mapped, then visualize in the tool of your choice.

Report Generation

Microsoft 365 users can connect to platform data and create reports and dashboards in their own Power BI workspace.

Put our advanced analytics to work for your organization. Techniques such as predictive modeling, machine learning, and natural language processing are paired with your data to extract valuable insights for reaching your goals and objectives.