Unite Your Data. Reveal What’s Possible.

With the HealthEC population Health Management platform, you harmonize data from across your healthcare ecosystem, helping you identify actionable insights for improving outcomes, reducing costs, and remaining compliant in today’s value-based landscape.

Your health system has unique needs, from saving money to addressing compliance to improving performance. Based on extensive data and industry expertise, our (PHM) platform addresses your challenges–turning them into opportunities.

Driving Healthcare Forward

Our cloud-based and web-enabled PHM platform empowers you to advance care. Built on modern technology and architectural principles of containerization and microservices, new features and capabilities are seamlessly added as healthcare evolves.

Harness the Power of Data

  • Capture virtually all available clinically and financially relevant healthcare data
  • Maintain claims, clinical, lab, pharmacy, public health, and SDoH data in a single-source-of-truth data repository
  • Ensure effective collaboration and compliance through shared views of quality measures and value-based performance

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

  • Enable effective payer-provider collaboration and healthcare compliance
  • Identify provider- and patient-specific patterns
  • Positively impact compliance and patient outcomes, optimize care strategies, and improve performance
  • Deliver patient-centric care seamlessly coordinated with community resources

User Friendly Tools, Dashboards, and Reports

  • Leverage machine learning (ML) and AI capabilities to stratify risk, identify care gaps, and power predictive models
  • Generate sophisticated and user-friendly interactive dashboards and reports at multiple levels of granularity
  • Eliminate workflow disruption with integrated, customizable care plans, cohort builders, decision-support tools, assessments, and more

Fast, Focused, Flexible, and Forward-thinking Population Health Analytics

As more healthcare organizations transition to value-based care strategies, safe, secure, and sophisticated data analytics are more important than ever. Our integrated platform supports VBC contract performance, MCO & Network performance, and reporting through our advanced 3D Analytics functionality leveraging PowerBi. Enabling your organization to confidently manage the cost of care, improve patient outcomes, and optimize revenue.

Our standard implementation is to deploy our solution within a HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified AWS cloud. We can also deploy our platform in other public clouds, such as Google or Microsoft Azure, or in a private cloud.

To ensure the security and privacy of your data, HealthEC has partnered with CrowdStrike to provide 24x7x365 monitoring of our infrastructure through its Falcon Complete solution. CrowdStrike’s Falcon sensor has been enabled/installed to comprehensively address intrusion detection, containment, vulnerability detection, and malware and anti-virus protection.
Data Aggregation & Management

HealthEC’s Data Aggregation & Management module efficiently integrates diverse healthcare data sources, ensuring a comprehensive patient-centric view, streamlined decision support, care coordination, and compliance reporting capabilities.

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics solution harnesses the power of data through advanced predictive models. Giving you the power to identify health trends, optimize resource allocation, and enhance care coordination—at the speed of healthcare.

Care Management

The Care Management module ensures patients receive timely interventions, follow-up care, and support services across the healthcare continuum. Through data-driven decision-making, everyone in your population can experience true, whole-person care.

Quality Management

Quality Management facilitates transparent management and reporting, showcasing your commitment to improvement and patient-centered care. Our streamlined data integration processes enable you to monitor, compare, and improve care quality while supporting value-based initiatives.

The HealthEC PHM Platform can help you turn your data into improved outcomes and improved organizational performance.  Schedule a demo today and together we can determine the tailored implementation that works best for you.