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Based on years of experience, our expert team dives into your data to find the most valuable insights based on your goals and objectives.

Hands-on Consultation that Enhances Our Technology

Our subject matter experts are ready to help you develop or refine value-based care strategies that deliver upon your organization’s financial, clinical, and operational initiatives.

  • Evaluate organizational readiness for value-based contracting and/or risk-sharing arrangement
  • Develop and implement strategies to adapt to value-based arrangements
  • Develop provider payment models
  • Guide cost reduction and quality improvement initiatives
  • Develop clinical care protocols
  • Develop strategies and plans to ensure practice optimization for MIPS reporting
  • Conduct “chart chasing” for GPRO(Group Practice Reporting Option) reporting
  • Provide support for commercial payer audits
  • Provide advice on quality measure selection for program reporting
  • Provide practice education and consulting for ACO/program measures
  • Develop quality improvement goals/objectives and monitor program results
  • Assist with Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition
  • Improve throughput, eliminate redundancy, and engage employees and staff
  • Design provider communication and education
  • Develop and/or deliver a provider training program
  • Develop a care coordination strategy
  • Create care management modules for: Care Management Nurses, Transitions to Care Nurses, Disease Management, Educators, Wellness Coaches, etc.
  • Evaluate current clinical and operational performance at the organization, group, and provider level
  • Define population risk
  • Support contract discussions with data and expertise

From implementing or evolving a population health strategy to guiding governance and healthcare stakeholder engagement, our Advisory Services help you get the most from the HealthEC PHM platform. Whether you’re transitioning to value-based care, implementing a brand-new population health strategy, or simply evolving your existing care, we can help.

You are not alone. HealthEC offers advisory services that enhance our data-driven solutions. Learn how our expert team can equip your organization to maximize the value of data and effectively implement actionable insights when and where they’re needed.