Sita M. Kapoor

Co-founder and Chief Product Evangelist

Sita Mehta Kapoor is a healthcare IT entrepreneur and technology solution leader with expertise in HIPAA, ACA, IT strategies, software development, and scientific data and project management. Her passion for improving healthcare and outcomes through technology led her to the role of Co-founder of HealthEC and Chief Product Evangelist. Prior to HealthEC, Sita co-founded and was the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of IGI Health, where she collaborated with Citi and Aetna to build a real-time patient payment gateway connecting providers, payers, and banking systems. Her first entrepreneur endeavor was as Founder of Med-Link clearinghouse that allowed provider billing system to capture and convert data into discrete data formats for claims adjudication. She has also provided consulting services for numerous multi-national healthcare companies including United Healthcare, Siemens Medical Systems, and Johnson & Johnson. Health Data Management named Sita as one of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT in 2018 and 2019, and she was a winner of the CIO 100 Award in 2021.